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Head Pain of Unknown Origin

About 15 years ago, I started to notice pain on the side of my head over my left ear.  It seemed to come on gradually and felt like "an ugly 2nd degree brush burn."  Once present, it was constant pain all the time.  Nothing would relieve the pain.  I also began having ringing in the ears that sounded like tree frogs chirping.

Finally after about 5 years of this, I had examinations and x-rays of my head but showed nothing was wrong.  The medical doctors dismissed my concerns and did nothing.  I was told to "learn to put up with the pain."

I kept up with my activities of art and music by just putting up with it.

Finally, in 2015, nearly 15 years after the onset, I came to see if Dr. Hightower could help.  He determined that the problem most likely was coming from irritation on the brain stem from misalignment of the upper cervical vertebra.

After the third adjustment, I started feeling some relief.  Finally, after a few more adjustments, I was completely pain free.  However, I still hear the "tree frogs" but I can live with that.  Now that the pain is gone, I can now massage my left ear to help my hearing and  lessen the ringing.

As you can tell, I am pleased with my results. -- Karen


A few months ago, my sister convinced me to see her chiropractor, Dr. Hightower, because I was having chronic back pain and migraines for the past couple of years following auto accidents I had been involved in.  The migraines were so severe, I couldn't function when I had one.

After just a few adjustments, Dr. Hightower asked me how the migraines were doing.  I had to think about it for a moment to realize that I had had NO migraines since coming here.  The results were almost immediate.  My back pain is gone, too.  Now I can do any of the things I could normally do earlier.

I was skeptical at first but now I recommend chiropractic to everyone.  -- Misty

Skin Rash of Unknown Origin

Sometime in late January of 2009, I noticed a rash forming on my body. It started around the inner thigh and progressed to my legs, arms, feet and hands. Eventually, it covered about 80% of my body. I was getting frightened because my medical doctor did not know what I had. He recommended a cream but said if that didn’t clear it up, I should see a dermatologist. Since there was no change, I went to see the dermatologist. Again, he did not recognize the rash and prescribed another type of cream. At this time, the rash had been present for a little over a week.

I went to see Dr. Hightower about another matter (my low back and neck pain). When he saw the rash, I told him that it just came on without any apparent reason. I had no changes in my lifestyle such as soaps, detergents, clothing, etc.

Dr. Hightower then related a story about twin, six year old, girls who both had rashes covering most of their bodies. The mother was at wit’s end because none of the many specialists she had seen could determine the cause or cure the rash. Finally someone suggested that she take them to a chiropractor.

The chiropractor checked one of the girls and was able to adjust her cervical spine that had a vertebra out of place that disrupted the flow of signal from brain to immune system. The other girl would not let the chiropractor touch her. All were disappointed that he could not help both but fortunately, it happened this way. The adjusted one’s rash disappeared within one week. The other’s didn’t.

After Dr. Hightower adjusted me, the rash began to disappear in about 3-5 days and was completely gone in about 7 days.

Thanks to Dr. Hightower, I am rash free. I want to thank him and his wife, Judy, for making my life so much better (the list of my conditions is too long for here). I am truly blessed with every visit.

Thanks again,

Sandra, Foley, AL

PS. I never used the prescribed Cream or any other medicine.



Hi ! Just wanted to give a testimony especially about  chiropractic treatments by Doc Hightower. My elderly friend, Virginia, experienced a colorful flash of light when her cervical spine(neck) was adjusted and her ability to see colors returned immediately. She was seeing everything in shades of grey.

We did not know this prior to her spine adjustment. She is an avid reader and continues reading and enjoying colorful flowers, scenery, birds,etc. several yrs later. Thank-you so much Dr Hightower.   Janice


Adjustments help

Dr. Hightower and Judy.  Thank-you so much for years of adjusting my neck, spine and hands. My recent move out of State prevents me from returning to you for more spinal adjustments. Judy would schedule me with a time that worked well with my busy schedule. I always obtained relief of my chronic pain following an auto accident at age 16yr.  Initially  I could not turn my neck, one leg was 2 inches shorter  than the other leg, my pinched sciatic nerve back pain made it difficult to walk or sit and the base of my fingers were becoming deformed. I avoided surgery, taking  pain medications with their various side effects and I was able to work as a nurse until retirement.

This was a miracle.My hands should be deformed like my Aunt's and sister's hands but with routine hand treatments I am able to use all my fingers and  continue to write and take care of myself. My independence depends on my continued spinal adjustments at least monthly. This is my best preventive treatment along with being active, controlling my weight ,daily swimming and good nutrition. I am enjoying my retirement. My God bless you both. -Sincerely Janice Farmer


Lastose Intolerance

I can't thank you enough for helping my daughter, Holly (age 12), with her digestive problems. Who'd ever think that chiropractic could help something like this!

Holly's digestive problems started back in July 1998.  She started having diarrhea and mild upset stomach.  We figured just typical kid stuff and nothing serious.  Her weight and appetite were fine and she could eat everything but the symptoms were intermittent.  In August, her abdomen started to bloat and she stopped eating.  The next day, it was very swollen, painful, vomiting, and no bowel movements.  It was so bad we took her to the ER.  The doctor diagnosed an appendicitis attack and immediately removed it.  Unfortunately, the appendix was OK therefore it wasn't the problem.  After 5 days in recovery, her abdomen swelled again.  She had no appetite and was receiving pain shots every few hours.  We transferred her to another hospital since the doctors at this one couldn't determine her problem.

At the second hospital, the gastrointestinal specialist told me that he suspected food intolerance and began with discontinuing all dairy products.  Her condition immediately improved ... confirming his diagnosis.  

The specialist offered neither reason nor treatment for her lactose intolerance.  We tried the lactaid stuff which didn't help.  Every month or so, we would let her eat a piece of cheese pizza or have a scoop of ice cream to see her reaction.  Invariably, her abdomen would bloat and she'd have diarrhea and occasionally vomit.

This condition persisted until you told us that her problem might be a nerve causing a "communication" problem from her brain to her stomach.  When you found a possible "pinched" nerve and adjusted it, we were skeptical that it would help.  Later that day, Holly wanted to "try it out" so she ordered ice cream.  The next day, nothing happened.  She was fine and is still so.  For the past three weeks, she has been eating dairy products everyday without any problem.  Like I told you, I'd never believe it.  I can't thank you enough.


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